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I’m a “little” late with this post, but better late than never right? I read a total of 18 books in November, some great, some less great but all in and all I have an AMAZING month of reading behind me. Shall we have a look at the ones I read?

Man Cuffed by Sarina Bowen

1. The first book I read in November was Mancuffed by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby. I was lucky enough to receive this book as an arc and omg I loved it. I have loved this entire series but I loved the friendship that happened between the main characters and definitely even more what happened after that. I ended up giving this Star_rating_4_of_5 stars.

2. Then I picked up Tapping Her by Max Monroe. I have definitely been Tapping Her by Max Monroeloving this series a lot more than I have the first time around. Tapping her was mainly a bridge between Tapping the Billionaire and Banking the Billionaire. But of course I read that after reading the second. None the less I really loved this and ended up giving this Star_rating_4_of_5 stars as well.

Banking Her by Max Monroe3. Banking Her was the third book I read. This time I knew it would be a bridge between the second and third book in this series so I knew to read it first. Again I really liked this a lot, the humour in these books is definitely up my ally and I can really appreciate this. After this I couldn’t wait to go straight on to the next book in this series. I gave this Star_rating_4_of_5 again.

4. How could I not read Scoring the Billionaire by Max Monroe next? This series is so Scoring the Billionaire by Max Monroemuch fun, I love the banter between the characters and their group of friends. Max Monroe are such an amazing writing duo and I can’t wait to find out what they come out with in 2020, I know I will be there to read it definitely. I still have to read the novella to this book, but I love it so much. Star_rating_4_of_5

Top Secret by Sarina Bowen5. The next book was a reread for me. Or I should say a relisten, as I listened to the audiobook this time around. Top Secret by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy was one of my favourite reads earlier this year and I loved the audiobook even more. I have definitely rediscovered my love for audiobooks this year as I have listened to quite a lot of them. Star_rating_4_of_5

6. I have been an avid reader of R.S. Grey books, they’re just always fun and quirky. This His Royal Highness by R.S. Greybook was like no other, and I liked it even more so as it took place in a Disneyland type park. His Royal Highness is a book that I received as an ARC, one of the lucky recipients of one and I am so happy I got to read this book as early as I did in the end. I ended up giving this book Star_rating_5_of_5 magical stars.

The Billionaire's Forbidden Little Sister by Max Monroe7. The Billionaire’s Forbidden Little Sister by Max Monroe is next on my list. I also received this book as an arc, which meant I got to read the book a bit earlier than the regular release. I say got to, but in the end I didn’t have the time to read it until after release day. I love this series, especially since characters from the previous series return in these books.  Star_rating_5_of_5

8. Next up is one of my favourite children’s books. Not because the story is fun and Blauwe plekken by Anke de Vriesbeautiful, but because tells the story of domestic abuse. The story tells the tale of Judith who is hit and beaten by her mother. As a child I found this book so haunting as I couldn’t imagine ever having to go through that. As an adult reading this now, I went straight back to those memories and I felt so bad for her. Star_rating_4_of_5

Trying to Score by Kendall Ryan9.  Over the last couple of monthes I have really gotten into books by Kendall Ryan. Trying to Score was another amazing book in this series. I have a thing for icehockey players in books and this wasn’t any different. I can’t wait for the next book in this series as they just keep getting better and better in their own right. Star_rating_4_of_5

10. One of my favourite series by Layla Hagen is the Bennett Family series.Your Christmas Love by Layla Hagen and when I heard that there would be a novella in that series I couldn’t be happier. Our Christmas Love was such a cute story and I can’t believe I waited so long to read it (as I had the arc for a long while when I finally picked it up to read). Thank you Layla, I can’t wait for your new series to be released! Star_rating_5_of_5

Havoc at Prescott High by C.M. Stunich11. I have been on a proper C.M. Stunich reading train lately and her newest release Havoc at Prescott High was one I had to read yet. I absolutely loved it and whilst I loved it, it also meant that I would have to wait for the next book in the series for a while yet as it will not be released for a while. I love her books and she definitely got me into a whole new genre than I ever got to previously. Star_rating_4_of_5

12. Headstrong Like Us was one of my most anticipated releases for 2019. Krista and Headstrong Like Us by Krista RitchieBecca Ritchie have been two of my favourite authors the past two years and while I loved reading more about Maximoff and Farrow, I am ready to move on to the other characters in the series. I did really love baby Ripley though ❤Star_rating_4_of_5

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas13. I decided to get through the final two books in my Throne of Glass reread. Tower of Dawn is one of my favourites in the series. Whilst I really disliked Chaol before this book, this definitely turned it around for me. Yrene is so bad ass and she doesn’t put up with Chaol’s bad attitude whatsoever. I loved it and I can’t wait to go straight into Kingdom of Ash. Star_rating_5_of_5

14. Next up is Dirty Letters by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. I have never read Dirty Letters by Vi Keelandanything by them before but I really enjoyed this book. This Kindle Unlimited subscription is definitely going to be good for reading new books that I wouldn’t normally read. I like books that either start out with letters or emails. But this was a really fun one and I definitely recommend this! Star_rating_4_of_5

Daddy's Best Friend by K.C. Crowne15. Daddy’s Best Friend is a book that I picked up because I really liked the previous books by K.C. Crowne. This one was no different.  I love small rural towns where lots of things happen and I can’t wait to find out more about this town. Let’s hope that there will be many more books set in Liberty, Utah. Star_rating_3_of_5

16. One of my other anticipated releases for 2019 was the third and final The Queen of Nothing by Holly Blackbook in the Folk of the Air series by Holly Black. When Holly announced that The Queen of Nothing would be released in November instead of January 2020, I was so excited. The Wicked King was incredible and this one was a good conclusion to the trilogy. I was so happy to finally find out what would happen to Jude and Cardan. Star_rating_5_of_5

Goodbye Paradise by Nealy Wagner17. Sarina Bowen is one of my favourite authors and I really liked her Goodbye Paradise duology. I love how she writes and how she sets up the story. Whilst I remembered it being a lot longer last time I read it, I was so happy to read this once again. I can’t wait to complete my reread of her books in 2020, I haven’t got that many more to go.Star_rating_4_of_5

18. The second book Hello Forever was the final book in November and while I read it Hello Forever by Nealy Wagnerbefore, I loved it even more the second time around. Sarina has such a way with her characters and I was so glad to reread this. I really do want to read her True North series again, as some of the characters will return there or at least characters mentioned in these books. I can’t wait! Star_rating_4_of_5

And that was it, the books I read in November are finally all reviewed. I have December to write next, which will be longer as with a week left in December I already have read 22 books so far! Here we go!

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