Long time, no see!

Lieve allemaal,

Het is echt al belachelijk lang geleden dat ik een post op deze blog zette, maar dat heeft wel degelijk een reden!

Sinds 3 april huur ik een eigen appartementje en na meer dan een maand klussen en verhuizen, kon ik 18 mei er eindelijk in trekken! Dat en redelijk druk zijn met andere dingen zorgt er voor dat ik a) niet zoveel tijd heb gehad om iets te posten, b) ik minder heb gelezen dan ik van mezelf gewend ben, c) er eigenlijk dus belachelijk weinig te vertellen is!

Maar goed, hier ben ik dan toch! Sinds vorige week zal ik niet langer (alleen) te vinden zijn via https://daffodilsbooks.wordpress.com , maar kan je ook gewoon gaan naar http//www.daffodilsbooks.nl wat natuurlijk een stuk gemakkelijker is!

Ik wil wat veranderingen gaan aanbrengen op deze blog maar ik ben er nog niet uit wat ik precies wil. Ik zal hoe dan ook mijn best doen om minimaal wekelijks iets te posten! Ik ben vanaf het begin al een mix van Nederlands en Engels geweest, omdat ik regelmatig ook boeken via Amerikaanse auteurs ontvang, en misschien behoud ik dat zo of ik ga het uiteindelijk veranderen. We zullen zien!

Een kleine update over mijn boekenplanken, door de verhuizing ben/was ik boekenkastloos, mijn boekenkasten die ik bij mijn ouders had zijn namelijk te klein, onhandig om neer te zetten hier, langzaam aan ga ik over op grotere kasten, waarvan ik van de week de eerste neer heb gezet en er morgen nog twee volgen!


De rest van de kamer ziet er niet uit op dit moment, en wees gewaarschuwd dat dit nog maar net iets meer dan de helft is van de boeken die ik bezit. Er staan er nog genoeg bij mijn ouders!


En dan als laatste, als we toch aan het updaten zijn. Sinds 29 mei heb ik twee huisgenootjes, namelijk de zusjes Fraser en Nimbus. Op dit moment zijn ze 15 weken oud en ontzettend ontdeugend. Ze zijn lief en kruipen het liefst iedere avond tegen mij aan als ik in bed lig, wat niet altijd even handig is 😉

Fraser is rood met wit, de dierenarts dacht dat ze een mannetje was (gezien rode katten dat vaak zijn!), maar beiden waren toch wel degelijk dametjes! Nimbus is behalve rood met wit ook wat donkerder van kleur, ze lijkt erg op haar moeder al was die nog donkerder waar Nimbus elke week lichter lijkt te worden!



Reading Goals 2016

Hey lovelies,

I don’t think I’ve made this post last year, which I probably should have, but I kinda want to talk to you all about the reading goals I set myself for 2016. If you look at my Goodreads page then you’ve noticed that I’ve set my goal for 2016 to 75. I read a total of 185 books in 2015 and I don’t think I’ll reach that amount again this year while I’ll be getting used to living in England instead of the Netherlands and all that comes with being with a new host family.

Last year I started out with a goal of 50 books which was reached halfway through April, yes I know, but I have no idea what next year will be like and I don’t want to be disappointed in myself when I don’t reach the goal that I’ve set, and 75 seems doable within a year if I look at the past two years.

I’ve also just counted all my books and while there’s a total of 348 English books and a 105 Dutch books, there’s a lot of unread books on those shelves that are dying to be read. I’ve counted those too. There’s 151 English books to be read and 31 Dutch books that remain unread until now. That makes the total 182 of physical books on my shelves that I’ve either not started ever or started but not finish because I lost interest. I want to change that number and bring it down to at least 150 or under in the coming year. Because I’ll be in England from the 23rd of January until unknown in the future I won’t be able to bring most of my books with me and I’ve therefor uploaded all of them onto my ereader so I’ll be able to read them anyway and bring that TBR pile down to hopefully as small as possible.

Of course I will still be reading lots of new books that will be released in 2016, because if you know me well enough, I cannot resist new books when I’m browsing through bookshops. Oh dear, what shall I do with myself next year haha.

So here we go, next year I will read as much as I possibly can while resisting books in shops like Waterstones and bookstores alike in the UK (so help me god…)

I’m wishing everyone a happy Reading year in 2016,


First World Reading Problems

IMG_20150921_183626Hey lovelies,

Do you know that problem? That when you finish a book you don’t know what book you want to read next? Or worse! that you want to read SO many books that you can’t choose which one will be next.. Jup that’s me right now.. Right now the list is this:

  • Lick series by Kylie Scott
  • Talon by Julia Kagawa
  • Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
  • Sweet Nothing by Jamie McGuire
  • November 9 by Colleen Hoover
  • Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay

I know for a fact that November 9 will be first because it will be released on Tuesday (the 10th) BUT what will I read next.. and besides these six there’s like a billion others that I have no idea when I will read them.

On a second note there’s 11 weeks left until I will make the move across the Channel and will be moving to England to my new hostfamily. That comes with the fact that I won’t be able to take all my books (because let’s face it 400 books won’t fit in my suitcase), so I’m uploading as many of them on my ereader so they’ll at least be there with me :P.

If you have any suggestions for ebooks or books that I should read, please do tell me, cause I’m always looking for more to read, as usually 😛

Until next time!


Project Life

Hey lovelies!

So if you follow me on Instagram or are my friend on Facebook you might have seen the picture that I posted this afternoon. Yesterday I bought a start up kit to start my own Project Life. I saw these on Louis’ (SprinkleOfGlitter) channel and as I love scrapbooking I got interested. But then, as the person I am means I forgot all about it again until recently I saw her talking about it once again and I decided to start looking up how much it would cost and all that!

I decided to invest in an album, the photo maps and a core kit with lovely cards 🙂 I ordered everything yesterday and received it today and I got all giddy and excited when I opened up the box! I was presented with what is below, I can’t wait to start my Project Life!


I document pretty much everything, if it isn’t in writing (in my journal), it’s by taking pictures and sharing them with you lot or just to keep them to myself. I love the way we are able to share everything with each other. But my Project Life is a way to document periods of my life just for me, and I’m not sure I’m going to share lots of that. But that’s okay right, my life, my choices.

Thanks to Jojo’s Scrapshop I was able to start right away!

Lots of Love,


Hey everyone!

Here’s the deal. If you know me, even just a little bit, you know that I am studying to be a Social Worker. I started my studies in 2009 and was supposed to graduate in 2013. By the title of this blog you might realise that it’s now 2015 and I am actually graduating now.. There’s a reason for that of course.

Here’s the thing, in the past two years things have happened in my life that made me put my studies on hold. I found out that my dad has cancer and won’t be getting better. I lost two really important people in my life and everything just became a mess. It took me nearly two years to get back on track but I am here now.

On the 12th of June I submitted my final assignments in order to graduate before the start of the new school year. I received the final one back today and I passed all of them! Three 8’s and two 6’s. Especially one of them I was really anxious about because it was so hard but I passed it with a bloody 8!! But this leaves me with one final step towards graduation, my final presentation. This presentation will either be the second week of July or the last week before the new school year starts (last week of August). Of course I hope for the first one, but you never know!

This rests me with one final thing, I HAVE LOTS OF TIME FOR READING THIS SUMMER and I have nothing to stress about any more because I’m completely done 😀 You have no idea how much of a relief that actually is!

Lots of Love,